Working on development experience tools as Principal Product Designer at Acme Co.

Brianne Kimmel is a leading venture capitalist and expert on the future of work featured in CNBC, Vice, Paper Magazine, and one of the first "Solo General Partners" to start her own firm after being one of the most highly sought after angel investors in Silicon Valley.

Her investments include Webflow, a new way to build websites without writing code, Deel, the fastest growing SaaS company in history powering remote companies globally, and over 50 other startups bringing more freedom, flexibility, and creativity to how people work.

Now, she's betting that the next generation of founders won’t come from Silicon Valley, they’ll come from everywhere— and they’re as likely to be influencers or self-taught immigrants as they are engineers or MBAs.

To empower the next generation of founders. Brianne recently launched her first Worklife Studios location in Los Angeles, where she’s creating a space for remote workers, creators, entrepreneurs and artists to gather, learn, shop, host events, design and create the defining projects of tomorrow.

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